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How to Replace an Above Ground Swimming Pool Liner

A solid liner is critical to your swimming pool and should be inspected every year for any damage. If you determine that you need to replace your pool liner, we’re here to help. We have prepared a helpful guide to get you started replacing your liner.
Drain the Pool
The first thing you need to do is drain the pool, this can be done in a few different ways and varies depending on the pool. You can use a sump pump or can use your pool vacuum and turn your pump to waste and it should start pumping out the water.
Removing the Old Liner
You will now need to remove your top cap/top rail; this is the piece on the top of the wall that actually secures the liner in place. Once the top cap / rail is off you can discard the old liner. Once the liner has been removed you should inspect the walls and floor to make sure there is nothing that could potentially damage the new liner.
The New Liner
At this point, make a note of the size of your above ground swimming pool or measure it if you don’t know before proceeding. Next, you need to purchase a new pool liner. A word of caution, purchasing the cheapest liner available may not always be the best for your pool’s needs. It’s best to consider the thickness (gauge) of the liner you are purchasing and it often determines how durable the liner will be. Also, its suggested to purchase some additional preventative liner protection since you have the primary liner out.
A good way to do this is purchasing a Liner Guard to protect the bottom of your pool from any foreign objects puncturing the bottom of your swimming pool. Liner Guard is made from a geotextile material this gives the bottom of your pool soft cushy feeling while protecting your liner from foreign objects like rocks and tree roots.
But, the best way to save yourself time and money in the future is purchasing a Rock Block kit, these kits use hard flat polymer material that give you a super smooth pool bottom that reduces your need for using sand and of course, it adds the additional protection you are looking for your pool.
It is a good idea to install on a warm sunny day to allow the new liner to become more flexible and relax the wrinkles. You should lay out the liner according to the instructions or labels on the liner. Make sure that the liner seams meet where the wall and floor meets.
Once you have the position right, pull the liner evenly over the walls until a small center area is still touching the ground. The liner should be draped over the wall, now you need to attach top cap of the wall over the liner but DON’T fasten it down. This will give the liner some support while filling, you can now start to add the water. As the pool starts to fill up remove portions of the top caps to release more of the liner evenly around the pool. You should work your way around the pool repeating this process until the entire pool floor is filled with 6 inches of water and your liner is properly positioned. Now attach the top cap/rail and fasten it down to hold the liner in position.
Continue filling and that’s completes your install of an above ground swimming pool liner. Before you start your pool pump you might need to prime it to avoid running without any water and damaging the pump.
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